The Instagram for Windows 10 is now a full PWA

by Surur
April 28, 2021
Instagram desktop app

In the latest update to the new Instagram app for Windows 10, Facebook has finally made the app a full Progressive Web App (PWA).

This means the app is now installed via the Chromium Edge installation process, noticeable by the colour-branded app icon, and the additional PWA options in the ellipses menu.

Next to Twitter, this will likely be the biggest PWA on the Windows platform, and it will hopefully lead to a more rapid iteration and update process.

In December 2020 Facebook started replacing their Windows 10 OSMeta app for Instagram with a Progressive Web App.

While in theory, the PWA will be less powerful than the old OSMeta app, Instagram has not updated the older app for more than 18 months and has also been adding features to their website such as Direct Messaging.

The PWA is now available to download from the Store here though the app update may take some time to roll out to all.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free

Via onMSFT

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