Hyundai confirms they are in talks to produce the Apple Car

by Surur
January 8, 2021

We reported yesterday that Apple’s car ambitions were being pushed back nearly a decade by the complexities of actually producing a whole vehicle. Earlier reports have suggested Apple will go the ODM route and have a more experienced company produce the actual hardware, a safer and faster way to get into the market.

Now Hyundai Motors have confirmed that they are in early-stage talks with Apple over potentially working together to develop an electric car.

“We understand that Apple is in discussion with a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor. As the discussion is at its early stage, nothing has been decided,” a representative from Hyundai Motor told CNBC’s Chery Kang.

Reportedly electric vehicle production, as well as battery development, were included in the proposal,  with the car possibly being released in 2027.

In a later statement that declined to mention Apple, Hyundai said: “no decisions have been made as discussions are in early stage.”

The news did however result in a sharp increase in Hyundai’s share price, with Hyundai Motor rising 19.42%.

A Hyundai EV concept

Apple reportedly plans to “re-imagine a car’s interior for a future in which people ride passively rather than steer,” with their Project Titan Apple Car team reportedly “filled with dozens” of ex-Tesla hardware and software engineerings.

via CNCB

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