Humble Bundle is reverting back to its sliders

May 6, 2021
Humble Bundle

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Humble Bundle have reacted to the public outcry after planning to remove the beloved sliders, and will be turning them back on for all customers. 

“We’ve heard everyone loud and clear and apologize for the way these changes were rolled out. We are now taking a moment to pause, collect constructive feedback and be more transparent about the path forward.” The Humble Bundle team announced in a blog post. 

“Today, we’ll be turning sliders back on for all customers on our bundle pages,” the team continued, allowing consumers once again to decide where their money goes when buying one of Humble’s iconic bundles.  

This win for consumer choice might not be set to last, however, as the Humble Bundle team later said that they’ll be “exploring different approaches to the sliders and how splits work, along with new ways to incorporate charity into other parts of the user experience.”

It’s clear that Humble wants to change something in their bundle business model, just that this attempt didn’t land. As they collect “constructive feedback” hopefully they can find a model that works well for everyone, consumers, charities, developers, and Humble themselves.

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