Humble Bundle are being a little less humble by limiting charitable donations

April 26, 2021
Humble Bundle

After being around for over a decade and having raised over $195 million for charity, Humble Bundle have decided to stop being so generous. 

The sliders, which have long been a part of how Humble Bundle divvy up your money, are disappearing with “defined splits that clearly show what amount of your purchase will support Humble, publishers, and charity,” being put in their place according to the blog post

This seems like a sensible move, as in the past it could be difficult to actually decide where you want your money to go. For those feeling charitable, however, this massively cuts down how much you can give, limiting a donation to 15%, even with the “Extra to Charity” toggle. 

The standard option will only give 5% to charity if you don’t do anything about it, with 10% going to Humble themselves, and 85% to publishers. 

In comparison to other storefronts, it’s still nice that Humble lets us give any money to charity at all. Having been a defining feature of their storefront, however, diluting the charitable focus is a disappointing if inevitable move. 

These changes thankfully come alongside some universal good, with UI changes to make viewing bundles easier, with tabs that show off each tier, rather than relying on scrolling and slabs of text.

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