Huge PS5 leak could be true following PlayStation update

January 20, 2020

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A huge PS5 leak originating from internet message board 4Chan might have some basis in reality after PlayStation’s official social media pages start to follow its 10-step plan.

After the PS5 leak was posted to Reddit close to two weeks ago, many discredited the numerous items on the posted list. Everything from price to release period was listed; launch games were even laid bare, as unbelievable as some are.

Here is the leaked list:

1.) The PS5 will be revealed at a PlayStation Meeting event for the press/media on February 5, 2020.

2.) The PlayStation Meeting will be held at Sony Hall in New York City.

3.) At the PlayStation Meeting the console’s design, controller, UI/home screen, specs and features will be revealed.

4.) The PlayStation 5 will be backwards compatible with all PS4 games.

5.) The PS5 will release, worldwide, in October 2020.

6.) The Sony PS5 will cost $499 USD / £449 UK / €449 EU / ¥54,999 JP.

7.) PlayStation 5 specs will be almost on par with Xbox Series X, which will cost $100 more at launch.

8.) Pre-orders for the PS5 will go live after the event on February 5.

9.) Gran Turismo 7, MLB The Show 21, Demon Souls Remastered, Godfall and Legendz are some of the PS5’s launch titles.

10.) The PlayStation 5’s new slogan, as well as for the brand as a whole, is “IT’S TIME TO PLAY.”

That last item on the leaked list is the most important for the time being. Not long after the leak, PlayStation updated their official PlayStation Europe Twitter account with the very same slogan that was leaked days earlier. Thanks, PushSquare.

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