Huawei to fold half of its smartphones by 2021


1, 2019

Whether folding smartphones will ever go mainstream or not is a hot debate in the tech community. They are expensive, likely to have creases, prone to scratches and the list goes on and on…These are rationale the naysayers come up with every time you ask them about the future of folding smartphones.

Companies producing them or likely to produce, however, have so far been quite optimistic about the future of folding smartphones.

In an Interview with GSMArena, Huawei CEO Richard Yu had expressed his keen interest in the folding smartphones category. Richard Yu is hopeful that half of its flagship smartphone will go fold in two years. He said,  “I think that on a flagship level in two years, half of our devices could be foldable.”

He also mentioned challenges like the price tag, small market share, etc. “folding phones are just in the beginning and the market share is small, they cost a lot and it’s very expensive to produce such devices,” he said. As we move ahead, we’ll see production cost coming down which will, in turn, will help the demands to grow. That’s exactly what the CEO believes as he said, “I think in two years foldable phones will have a similar price to current flagship phones.”

Not just price, CEO Richard Yu is also hopeful about the other aspects of folding devices such as size. They are indeed bulky and not quite there yet if you talk about one hand use. According to the CEO, this will change as well. Yu believes that in future the company will be capable to make a folding smartphone with a size of not more three inches which is roughly half of the Huawei P30, the latest flagship smartphones by Huawei. “In the future we can make a foldable phone sized in half of this one [P30 Pro], we have plans for a smaller foldable phone.”

Via: TechRadar

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