The HTML Editor receives new Windows 10 UI, Rendering Settings and more

May 15, 2016


The HTML Editor is back for Windows 10, in Alpha ! (The HTML Editor 2016 is still available for Windows Phone 8.1) The HTML Editor is an editor for HTML, PHP, CSS and JS, and available for Windows 10 desktop and mobile. The application has a new UI optimized for desktop and mobile, and a tabs system who save your tabs automatically.

Let’s make things clear- the app is now called The HTML Editor Alpha, but you can search the old name.

– New name. The HTML Editor ALPHA.
– Fresh app icon. Pencil and tilted square.
– Built for Windows 10 devices. Sorry W8.x Users, you won’t get this update!
– Brand new User Interface. Much more user friendly.
* Tabs. Scroll along to find: Play, Rewind; Feedback Button and Colour & Download buttons.
* New file page. Much easier UI.
* Hamburger Menu (kind of). When you click the red, it opens the New File page and turns to logo.
* Settings. Links to Twitter and blog with a mini description. No current settings to change yet.
* Colour Picker. Changes colours
* Download source button. Source code.
– The HTML Render ALPHA. A new render system that opens a new task.
* Select multiple CSS/JS files in real time.
* Set viewpoint size (test with resolution.).
* Inject JavaScript code in your page (BETA).
– Save buttons work.
– HTML Editor is fab. Lovely and clean, more buttons work here.
# Light blue buttons work, dark blue don’t.

Also, the editor has:

  • Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS and JS
  • “The HTML Render” for rendering your webpage
  • Tool for download source code and a color picker
  • Auto completion (the auto completion Advanced is only available for desktop, otherwise, the basic auto completion is available for mobile)

Grab it the Store now!

The HTML Editor
The HTML Editor
Developer: Seeriis
Price: Free

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