HTC’s Viveport VR App Store to support Windows Mixed Reality headsets

by Surur
May 30, 2019

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HTC’s Viveport store is a competitor to SteamVR, and besides supporting HTC Vive headsets already supports Oculus Rift devices.

Now the company has announced support for an additional VR ecosystem – Windows Mixed Reality.

Viveport uniquely offers a subscription service for $12.99 per month which gives access to videogames like RUSH and Gun Club VR by Binary Mill, Final Assault by Phaser Lock Interactive and I Expect You To Die by Shell Games. Developers will, however, need to enable support for WMR, so not all titles may be available immediately. Members also get access to premium content on Viveport Video, monthly coupons, weekend deals and free title giveaways.

The service will become available to Windows Mixed Reality headsets on the 5th June.

“This summer, Viveport is expanding to embrace all major PC VR devices including the HTC Vive family, Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S and soon Windows Mixed Reality and the Valve Index,” said Rikard Steiber, President of Viveport in a statement. “Viveport Infinity offers all members unparalleled value and choice when it comes to experiencing and discovering VR content. In addition, we’re connecting Viveport developers to an increased audience pool to monetize their content.”

“We’re excited our users now have an additional opportunity to discover some of the best content VR has to offer at an accessible price through Viveport Infinity,” said Dan Newell, Director of Mixed Reality at Microsoft. “Adding Windows Mixed Reality support on Viveport strengthens the VR ecosystem for consumers and developers alike.”

Via VRFocus

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