HTC Touch Pro 2 vs Motorola Droid – a user review


23, 2009

Author Surur // in News

I today stumbled across this video of a user review of the HTC Touch Pro 2 vs the Android powered Motorola Droid.

Its nice to see one of the most loved Windows Mobile handsets hold up pretty well against the most highest profile Android handset available at present.  I must say however that search feature is pretty cool, but on the other hand it seems to be a slicker version of Microsoft’s Tellme service, so it may not be that enviable after all.

On a related note, a more expert opinion comes from JKontherun, who compared Windows Mobile against Android, and found the OS again holds up pretty well, winning on 3:0 on multi-tasking, user interface and desktop integration, with a tie on Outlook vs Gmail integration.

Read that comparison here.

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