HTC Schubert – First high quality video of an HTC Windows Phone 7 device

With the leak of the Asus device a few days ago the run-up to the release of Windows Phone 7 hardware and the leakfest it implied has really started.  Now we have the first real high quality video of a HTC Windows Phone 7, the HTC Schubert, which according to features an aluminium unibody design.

The device is looks pretty attractive and also features a dual LED flash, hopefully also indicating a high-resolution camera. Unfortunately it also looks very much like the old iPhone 3GS, but then a lot of people still prefer the design.

The HTC Schubert has been previously leaked to come to T-Mobile USA, finally breaking the AT&T streak recently.

See some screen caps after the break.

htc schubert front htc schubert back 

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