T-Mobile US Roadmap shows HTC Schubert, a Windows Phone 7 device, for November launch

T-Mobile Roadmap

conflipper Well, what have we here.  AndroidSpin has leaked this T-Mobile roadmap stretching to the end of the year, and amongst a pile of random Android handsets there is one that rings a Windows Phone 7 bell.

The HTC Schubert, set for release on the 17th November, is known to us as part of a collection of Windows Phone 7 handsets leaked by uber ROM hacker Conflipper.

Previously it has been believed T-Mobile USA will not be partaking in the Windows Phone 7 party, but it seems we may have been happily mistaken.

On the other hand it seems, with the HTC Gold rumour, November is also lining up as the Windows phone 7 launch date, which at this moment seems pretty far away.