HTC Connected Media DLNA app now working on some devices?

imageWe have received a report that HTC’s DLNA app is now working on an HTC last generation Windows Phone 7 handset.

wbanw tipped us off to the app working on his US HTC HD7.  Unfortunately we have not been able to verify this on our own T-Mobile HTC HD7, but that does not mean it will not work for others.

HTC Connected Media can be found in Marketplace here or by searching Marketplace for HTC.  Let us know below if any of our readers managed to get it working.

Update: We had confirmation from another reader using an HTC Trophy that it is working.  He was using one of the leaked ShipROMs from XDA-Developers, which may be the missing piece.  For the readers who have managed to get it working – are you using a Ship ROM or the 7720 Mango update via Zune update?

Thanks wbanw for the tip.