HTC Cedar smartphone shows up on



Knowing HTC’s 2009 line-up does take some of the mystery of our usual search for clues. Usually having a new device name pop on the bluetooth certification site is associated with frantic speculation, but since January we know exactly what the HTC Cedar is (that is a Windows Mobile Standard smartphone).

Type ? ID ? Name ? Model ? Company ? Product Type ? Date ?  
EPL   HTC Corporation CEDAR#W HTC Corporation End Product 29-Jan-2009
PRD 2.0 B015031 CEDA100 CEDA100, CEDA200, S511 HTC Corporation End Product 29-Jan-2009

As mentioned in the last post however, what we don’t know is the release dates of these devices, but seeing how this is the first of the leaked devices to show up on, it suggests it will also be one of the first to be released, and may well be announced at Mobile World Congress on 2 weeks.

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