HP’s new Elite USB-C Dock keeps the one-cable docking station dream alive

One of the most attractive features of the USB-C standard is its ability to carry so many different networking and communication protocols and even power over the same fast wire, meaning it could potentially replace all the various cables we have to plug and unplug when we sit down to work with our laptops.

HP’s new HP Elite Dock is built to enable just that scenario, meaning you can leave all your peripherals, including a second monitor, external drives, and even power cable plugged into the Dock, and only connect one cable when you bring your laptop from home or work.

The Dock provides secure, flexible pass-through docking for your mobile device and maximizes mobile productivity in the office.  It delivers device charging to your HP 3-in-1, detachable or notebook, supports up to three displays, and enables
connectivity to your wired network and accessories.

It offers two DisplayPort, HDMI, RJ-45, and five USB ports and can support up to 3 full HD displays or one 4K display, plus also charge compatible devices over USB-C.

It is driver-free with no internal flash memory, and supports network manageability with integrated Wake on LAN, PXE boot, and 802.1x authentication, and can be physically secured with a lock slot.

See the full specs below:

The dock supports Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile and has a one year warranty. The HP Elite USB-C Dock is expected to be available in March, starting at $149.