HP rumoured to be working on consumer Windows Phone for February 2017

by Surur
November 18, 2016

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Reliable German Windows site Dr Windows reports that they have received “concrete evidence” that HP is working on a Windows 10 Mobile handset for the consumer market as a follow-up to the HP Elite X3.

The handset’s development is apparently a close partnership between HP and Microsoft, and will inherit much of the old Lumia technology like ClearBlack screens, Glance and more.

No details are available yet, but Dr Windows reports that another rumour, that Microsoft has internally recently announced a new Windows Phone at an event at Redmond for deployment in February 2017, may be referring to the same device. February is of course when Mobile World Congress will be and also when the HP Elite X3 was announced this year.

The rumour is consistent with what we ourselves have heard when we wrote in September in our HP Elite X3 review:

“HP is already busy working on another Windows Phone, which will be targeted towards consumers and hopefully fix some of the features which consumers care about the most.”

The only question which remains is of course if by then there will still be any consumers willing to invest in a high-end Windows 10 Mobile handset.

Would our readers spend more than $600-800 on a new Windows 10 Mobile handset next year? Let us know below.

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