HP’s rumoured consumer Windows Phone may only have a Snapdragon 600 range processor



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Ten days ago we reported that the reliable German Windows site Dr Windows had  received “concrete evidence” that HP is working on a Windows 10 Mobile handset for the consumer market as a follow-up to the HP Elite X3.

Now more details have leaked which added some more flavour to the story, and unfortunately it’s not the greatest news.

Dr Windows reports from their sources that the device will likely run on a Snapdragon 600 range processor, like the Nuans Neo or Coship PCPhone.

This means the device will still support Continuum for Phones, and Dr Windows even speculates that it will also be compatible with the HP Elite X3 accessories such as the lapdock.

They also note however that these mid-range devices are a no-mans land, with the devices too expensive for the general market, particularly compared to Android handsets with the same specs, but not powerful enough to attract the enthusiast market, as suitably demonstrated by the Nuans Neo Kickstarter failure.

If released the handset could show up at Mobile World Congress early next year. Would our readers still be interested if this news is true?

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