HP appears to be working on a new Windows Mixed Reality headset, the HP Reverb Omnicept Edition.

The device,  uncovered by ALumia, is a more advanced version of the HP Reverb G2, with additional eye tracking and face view camera sensors.

The base HP Reverb G2 headset has a 2K per eye screen, with hardware interpupillary spacing and more cameras with better tracking.

The as-yet-unannounced HP Reverb Omnicept Edition Headset with eye-tracking would allow more detailed foveated rendering (with reduced the rendering workload by greatly reducing the image quality in the peripheral vision ), while facial imaging would allow for expression tracking and creating more realistic avatars, useful for VR-based video conferencing.

No official information of the headset has been released, but the HP Reverb G2 headset supports Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR, and we assume the next version will offer the same feature set. Keep an eye on the site for the official announcement when it does arrive.