HP Elite x3 and Lumia 950 finally hotel room ready now Netflix works in Continuum

One of the main promises of Continuum for Phones is that you would be able to travel without your laptop, and while it is still possible to get a lot of work done, the feature did have some issue with the end of the day when you hit the hotel room, with the popular Netflix streaming service not working on the big screen either as an app or in the Edge browser.

Something has however changed recently, as WindowsUnited reports that while the Netflix app is still not available when connected to a big screen using Continuum for Phones (likely due to licensing issues) the Netflix site now functions properly in the Edge browser when connected to your TV, meaning it’s possible to stream the Defenders without any issue.

The Amazon Video site has of course always worked in Edge on the phone (in desktop mode), meaning Windows 10 Mobile users with high-end handsets can now travel a bit lighter and not miss out on the latest episodes.