Here’s how you can run Android apps on Windows 11

October 20, 2021
Microsoft Windows 11 Android apps

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Microsoft Windows 11 Android apps

Microsoft today announced the first preview of Android apps experience on Windows 11. This preview is limited to small set of Windows Insiders in the US. To enjoy Android apps on Windows, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Your PC needs to be on Windows 11 (Build series builds) and meet these hardware requirements.
  2. You may need to enable virtualization for your PC’s BIOS/UEFI. Click here for a guide on how to enable this on your PC.
  3. Your PCs’ region must be set to the U.S.
  4. Your PC must be in the Beta Channel. If you are new to the Windows Insider Program, click here to get started with registration and joining your PC to the Beta Channel.
  5. You will also need to have a U.S.-based Amazon account to use the Amazon Appstore.

If you meet the above requirements, you can go to the Microsoft Store here and download the Amazon App Store to get started. Installing an Android app will enable Windows Subsystem for Android on your PC. The version of Windows Subsystem for Android being released today is version 1.7.32815.0. Updates for the Windows Subsystem for Android will automatically come through the Microsoft Store. If the PC requires a restart, the Amazon Appstore will automatically launch after restart, or you can launch it from the Start menu.

Update: We have published a tutorial on how to sideload any Android app APK on Windows 11, you can read it here.

Known Issues:

[Microsoft Store]

  • The Microsoft Store does not display review ratings for Amazon Appstore apps.

[Amazon Appstore]

  • If you are experiencing Amazon App Store sign in problems turn your Ad Blocker off.
  • Accessibility options are not yet enabled when using the Amazon Appstore.

[Windows Subsystem for Android]

  • Network access issues on Cellular LTE on ARM64.
  • May see display visual artifacts on certain applications on ARM64.
  • Performance may vary when running multiple concurrent Apps.
  • There are known camera issues on certain apps.
  • Apps coming out of modern standby will encounter issues.

Source: Microsoft

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