Twitter has been working to fight the toxicity which has been a major part of the platform for many years now.

After being accused of not doing much to fight the rampant abuse on its platform, the company is now acting more decisively, including recently banning all forms of political advertising for example.

Today, in the latest news, the company has added the ability to report unsuitable trends from the home page.

A drop-down menu has been added to the trends section which allows users to report a twitter trend under 4 categories:

  • This trend is spam
  • This trend is abusive or harmful
  • This trend is a duplicate
  • This trend is low quality.

We assume an algorithm will take care of evaluating responses and get rid of the more toxic trends which are sometimes started against celebrities or other prominent people.

The feature does not appear to be available for everyone yet and may require clearing your web cache to access.

What do our readers think of the ability to report a twitter trend? Let us know below.

Via HTNovo.