Homeworld 3 isn’t dead and there’s a railgun to prove it


19, 2021

It’s been nearly two years but we finally have more Homeworld 3, in an unlisted 28-second clip, so we probably weren’t meant to see it anyway.

In the video, spotted by Kotaku, a Railgun Frigate blows a hole in another ship before it explodes into pieces with exceptional drama for the whole video being silent.

This railgun frigate might not be much, but it’s a little snippet into the state of Homeworld 3, which has been remarkably quiet ever since its first reveal in 2019.

This video seems to have appeared for a developer update, addressing backers on the state of the game, as it goes exceptionally in-depth on the creation of this new unit. 

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Unsurprisingly, the frigate doesn’t tell us anything about what we might expect from the game, as it’s, well, a frigate. The developer update did at least speculate a release, with the  “expected launch in Q4 2022.”

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