HipLogic Live – a new active desktop for your smartphone

hiptoplive HipLogic has released a new alternative user interface for your smartphone.  The app, which is available on Symbian and Windows Mobile, appears to be a combination of the Android and Symbian interface and features active notifications from selected sources, a Google search bar and also a small app store.

Free applications include Facebook, Twitter, CBS News and Sports, Entertainment Tonight, Disney, and WeatherBug as well as other applications for monitoring news, finance information, and RSS feeds.

Unfortunately the applications are rather basic and the graphics appear to be designed for a lower resolution. Additionally only one widget can run at a time, despite there being enough space on the screen, which rather defeats the purpose.

The software is designed to run in the background constantly and update the desktop with notifications selected from the apps.

Unfortunately the app is rather heavy and slows down even the HTC HD2, so this does not seem to be a viable proposition.

Give it a try by browsing to m.hiplogic.com from your mobile browser, or read more here.

Music: Dangosongs.com