A couple of hours back, WABetaInfo managed to get WhatsApp’s Dark Mode and they shared the first images of how dark mode will look like on WhatsApp for Android. Now we managed to enable WhatsApp’s Dark Mode for Android to give you the first look at what dark mode might look like on Android.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp won’t be using black and instead will be going with Blue. Currently, the feature is pretty rough and broken. In our testing, the feature did work on most of the screens but failed to load correctly in some places like the individual chats. You can head below to check out the screenshots. Do remember that the feature still needs a lot of work so don’t expect to show up soon.

We don’t recommend users to go ahead and try it out themselves. The process involved a lot of steps, some of which might have resulted in a penalty from WhatsApp. Overall, the feature implementation felt good but it needs to be consistent and optimized. We don’t, however, have any information on the availability of the feature on Android or iOS.