Here’s how you can unlock Microsoft’s SURF game on Edge Canary

by Anmol
November 3, 2019

Earlier today Microsoft released a new icon for the upcoming Microsoft Edge web browser. Along with it, Microsoft also released a new Easter Egg for Edge Canary. Called SURF game, it allows users to surf and complete objectives to win.

If you were having trouble finding how to enable the Easter Egg then here’s a handy guide that should help you enable the game. Do note that the game works only on the latest Canary build of Chromium-based Edge.

  • To enable it, open Edge Canary and head to any website. Once there, click on the collection icon and create a new collection named “Microsoft Edge”. If you don’t see the Collections icon, then type “edge://flags#edge-collections” into the address bar and enable the collections flag.

  • Once done, click on add current page to add a new website to collections and right-click on it and select edit. Now remove the website text and replace it with “S.” (without quotes). Do this four times to make it spell S.U.R.F.

  • Now move the F. up to the R. and drag it back below to trigger the Easter Egg. You should now see another page added to your collection named “edge://surf”. Click on it to launch the game.

We hope this tutorial helps you enable the Easter Egg in the browser. The game is available for a limited time so make sure you check it out at the earliest.

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