Microsoft unveils a new Edge logo, and it’s pretty bad

by Surur
November 2, 2019
new Edge logo

Microsoft has been running an Easter egg hunt over the internet over the last few days, the final prize appearing to be a new logo for the new Chromium-powered Edge browser.

The logo is rather clever, combining a wave (for surfing the web) and a slightly tipsy E, and breaks completely from the long-running Internet Explorer logo, which is probably not a bad thing.

The swirl, however, drew an immediate comparison to the tide pod challenge, which once seen, is difficult to unsee.

Internet Explorer, of course, dates back all the way to 1995, and the new Edge browser, first released 20 years later in 2015 with Windows 10, was somewhat controversial for only sporting a flatter version of the Internet Explorer icon.  Many have advocated for a clear break from the much-vilified older browser, especially when Microsoft introduced ChrEdge AKA the Chromium-powered new Edge browser in December 2018.

Microsoft certainly appears to have made that long-awaited clean break with this new logo, but I suspect this design will make many wish they did not.

What do our readers think of the new Edge logo? Let us know below.

Via The Verge

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