A few days ago, Microsoft confirmed rumours that they are retiring the Remix3D.com site early next year; and as a result, advised users to “download their existing 3D models to other file storage and sharing platforms as soon as possible.”

Microsoft provided a step-by-step guide, explaining how to download each individual 3D model, but this proves to be very time consuming.  Luckily, Lance McCarthy has built a UWP helper app, that allows you to conveniently select multiple models and download them all at once.

With his app, it just takes 4 quick steps:

  1. Enter the user’s ID and click Get Models
  2. Select all the models you want to download and save
  3. Select the level of detail you want: OriginalView, OriginalDownload, Preview, Performance, Quality, HoloLens, WindowsMR.
  4. Click Download Selected Model Files to download them all at once.

Whilst Paint 3D and the associated Remix 3D service may coming to an end, Microsoft said they will continue to provide 3D models for Office apps, as part of the usual clipart.

Check out the app here.