Help a 22 year old blogger choose Windows Phone



Taylor Soper, blogger at, is in the market to replace his HTC G2 for T-Mobile, and is debating between the Apple Phone 5 and the Samsung Droid Galaxy 3. He hasn’t discounted Windows Phone, though he thinks he “just won’t go that route”. Let’s convince him otherwise.

Taylor is 22 years old and owns a Machintosh computer (hello Windows Phone Companion for MAC). He already blogs frequently about Microsoft. His most used applications on a phone are social networking, camera, maps, music, and voice recording. I have never met a more appropriate user for Windows Phone, with its integrated Facebook and Twitter, stellar camera (and picture sharing ability), downloadable maps, cloud-based Xbox Music (as well as Spotify, Rhapsody, Nokia Music, free Pandora, etc.), and the ability to post voice notes using WP8’s OneNote.

So head on over to GeekWire and answer Taylor’s poll, write in the comments, and tweet him to help him join the Windows Phone camp. He’ll join a good crowd that includes the likes of Jessica Alba, Will Arnett, Andy Samberg, Gwen Stefani, Cam Newton, and most recently Mark Cuban.

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