Billionaire Mark Cuban Replaces His iPhone With Nokia Lumia 920, Says iOS Is Not Even Close To Windows Phone

Mark Cuban, an American Billionaire who owns famous NBA team Dallas Mavericks did an AMA on Reddit. When asked about the gadgets he uses everyday, he surprised everyone by saying that he replaced his iPhone with a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone device. Here is the response from Reddit,

Speaking of which, what kind of laptop do you own? And mp3 player? Are they customized or are they whatever is on the market?

I have a MacBook Air, but am trying the new Acer with Windows 8. I really, really like Windows 8 on my phone. I have 2 phones. first is samsung the 2nd was an Iphone5. THe new Nokia with windows replaced my Iphone 5

What? You mean you don’t use T-Mobile 4G? Color me shocked!!!

i actually do on my samsung. I love the tmobile wifi calling option. I love the open Android and Samsung platforms. I use a replacement keyboard sw which increases my typing speed (i still miss the speed typing on my sidekick).

I love myIPad and my macbook air is amazing when it doesnt crash, so i like apple products, but i think as far as phones, both Samsung 3 w android and the windows phone kick the Iphone’s ass. Its not even close.

Apart from the planned celebrity endorsements from Microsoft or Nokia, I think these kind of good words from notable persons should raise awareness about the Nokia Lumia device and the Windows Phone platform.

Source: Reddit via: Neowin


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