Heads up freelancers, LinkedIn will soon be able to find you new clients


25, 2019

Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Cloudpeeps are all popular names in the freelance industry. You will find a variety of businesses, individuals who are looking for various services on these platforms, all you need is the skill set to fulfill the requirements. Now, you might soon be able to do all these on the world’s most popular professional networking site, LinkedIn which is now owned by Microsoft.

Jane Manchun Wong, a famous reverse engineer posted a screenshot as a piece of evidence. As per the screenshot, LinkedIn has added a new field in the profile called “Services.” And as you’ve guessed it already, Whether you are a business or individual, under this section, you will be able to add services you provide and LinkedIn will take care of the rest. LinkedIn will help you find clients who are on the lookout for similar services.

The feature is currently in development and hence you and I don’t have access to the feature just yet. Worse, we don’t have any information related to the date of the roll-out of the feature. But if I were to guess, this feature might hit the public within six months.

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