Hang tight- Microsoft confirms that they hope to upgrade all Lumia Denim handsets to Windows 10 Mobile

While we have all been disappointed that Microsoft has been unable to guarantee a Windows 10 Mobile upgrade to all handsets (in particular the very low end ones) we felt we needed to remind our readers that Microsoft was still planning to offer the upgrade to most devices.

In fact, even when posting Microsoft’s short list they said “We are working hard to make Windows 10 available for other Lumia devices“, noting their short list will just be “a first list of Lumia smartphones that will receive the upgrade when available.

We had earlier asked Microsoft for an official statement on the issue, and they said:

Regarding your questions around the W10 update, there is an initial list of in-market devices to receive the Windows 10 update but there are ambitions to bring Windows 10 to all Lumia devices running Lumia Denim software. Some features will vary, based on the hardware specifications however.

The message is clear – no guarantees, but the hope is for universal coverage.

For devices which are not on the first wave, we would recommend regular Windows Phone users sit back and wait for an official update. While many will certainly be able to attempt installing the Windows Insider RTM builds, given that these have not been tested on their particular handset and may have quirks (as they all have had so far) the likelihood is high that your experience will be worse, not better, after the update.

Of course many of our readers are power users, and will have no problem either upgrading via Insider and rolling back if there are issues. For our readers who are not in the first wave (Lumia 430, 435, 532, 535, 540, 635 (1GB), 640, 640 XL, 735, 830 and 930) what are your plans? Wait it out or Insider build? Let us know below.