Halo Infinite uses Xbox hardware sounds in-game


29, 2019

Halo may have always had some amazing sound design, but the upcoming Halo Infinite appears to be using actual Xbox hardware to create its sound effects.

In a video posted on the official Halo Instagram page, it was revealed that the sounds of Xbox consoles are being manipulated to create new sound effects.

From the already sci-fi esque sounds of the original Xbox’s boot up and shut down sounds to the disc-tray ejects on both the Xbox Original and original Xbox One consoles.

It’s certainly a unique sound: the sound modulation turns the already memorable sounds of Xbox hardware into effortless science fiction. Whereas 2011 would have you buying Xbox 360s with Halo sound effects, 343 is now using your Xboxes to create sound effects! Well, what goes around!

Have a look at the video below!

Here’s a little description on how the sound effects work:

“Our Audio Team found these specialized lomlabel microphones in Area 51 and used them to pick up the electromagnetic fields emitting from Xbox consoles,” 343 writes. “By applying some light processing in the Kyma sound design environment by Symbolic Sound, they were able to create some interesting sci-fi textures.?”

Personally, I feel that the Halo sound team are doing some awesome stuff with the upcoming Halo Infinite’s audio. From this amazingly intriguing alien-sounding hardware to the grunts of a pug, Halo will definitely have a unique sound signature.

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