343 Industries’ upcoming shooter Halo Infinite may be Microsoft’s most expensive project yet, but it’s still sticking to traditional methods. Adorably, Infinite‘s enemy sounds are voiced by a cute pug called Gyoza.

Revealed through the game’s official Instagram, the breakout voice actor was introduced in the cutest promotional video yet. While the video was originally released back in August, it wasn’t reported on until now.

As far as pugs go, Gyoza is an undeniable cutie. The 36-second video isn’t much more than your typical snarling, gurgling and sniffling that pugs do, but it does add an interesting level to the game’s enemies. Existing ones and new arrivals.

An Xbox Game Pass Day One title, Halo Infinite is Microsoft’s most ambitious title yet. With a PC version alongside a cross-gen release for Xbox Scarlett, the new title is bound to be played by millions.