Halo Infinite campaign co-op is now playable through a glitch

December 20, 2021
Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite players have discovered that, despite the lack of official support, offline campaign co-op is currently possible in the game thanks to a glitch. 

After it was announced that official co-op campaign support from 343 Industries wouldn’t be coming to Halo Infinite until May of next year, many players were understandably upset, however, it now appears that campaign co-op may not be as impossible as we were first led to believe, as Halo Infinite players across social media have managed to get the feature working… almost.

Before you excitedly follow through the steps below, it’s important to note that this glitched co-op is far from perfect. Not only will player two have some weird lighting, no HUD, and no access to the UNCS FOB’s, there’s also the chance that this glitch will corrupt your data, causing you to lose your save file.

With that warning in mind, here’s what you have to do to enable this glitched campaign co-op:

  • Put Halo Infinite into offline mode
  • Connect a second controller and sign in to an Xbox account
  • Start a campaign with the first controller
  • Back out of the campaign on the first controller
  • Press start with the second controller and add yourself to the first player’s fireteam
  • Enjoy, slightly janky, co-op split-screen Halo Infinite campaign

Unfortunately for PC players, this glitch only works on Xbox consoles, and it doesn’t support online play. 

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While we definitely can’t wait for official campaign co-op support, Halo Infinite is still a nevertheless fantastic time on your own. In our review, we said that Halo Infinite is well worth the six years of waiting that we endured, “not just the next thrilling chapter in Master Chief’s story, but also for the spectacular open world which doesn’t dilute the games iconic experience in its expansive breadth.”

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