Metathreads will donate two Halo facemasks for each one purchased

August 25, 2020
Halo facemasks

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Microsoft’s official Halo facemasks will be sold to donate additional masks to essential workers. 

Available on Metathreads, the Halo facemasks are now available for the price of $19.95. As part of the GamersMask4Masks Campaign, the FDA registered facemasks are part of a charity campaign to protect essential workers during the Coronavirus pandemic.

While the price is a tad steep for the facemask you get, it is for a good cause.

“For every mask purchased, all profits will be used to fund the production of two additional masks that will be donated to hospitals, medical facilities and front line workers,” reads the Metathreads website.

The Halo facemasks are labelled as limited edition so there’s no knowing how long they’ll be available for.

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