Halo 5’s Classic Helmet REQ pack arrives next week for $9.99 or 150K REQ Points


3, 2017

The team at 343 Industries has definitely been trying to appeal to fans of the original Halo trilogy lately. Halo Wars 2 definitely shows that, but something that a lot of people overlooked during the release of the Monitor’s Bounty expansion for Halo 5 was that 343’s changing what they can in the series’ latest main entry, too.

The update brought in plenty of heavily requested functions like the custom game browser, but it also teased some REQ items that wouldn’t be available until some point in 2017.

The helmets when they were shown off during the Monitor’s Bounty preview

The helmets (pictured above) were all classic Bungie designs from both Halo 3 and Halo Reach, just with some minor touches added. It’s a solid effort to appease fans who aren’t so keen on 343’s own designs, but there were still two major questions remaining: when will they be available, and how can we get them?

The answer to the former is February 9th, and the latter’s answer is pretty interesting. All nine helmets will become available for purchase in a single REQ pack called the Classic Helmet REQ Pack, and you’ll be able to buy it for either $9.99 or 150K REQ Points. This is an interesting move because it means that while these are essentially DLC by another name, it’s still completely possible to get them without spending a penny if you’re incredibly into Halo 5. This is similar to the Voices of War REQ pack, although it was only available for $9.99.

If you’d like to see some more in-game pictures of each helmet, the official Halo Twitter account will be posting a new screenshot every day until the pack launches on the 9th.

Are you excited to get back to using some classic Halo helmets? Let us know in the comments below!

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