Hacker who installed Windows RT on Lumia 640 enables internet connectivity

Yesterday we reported about a hacker who managed to install Windows RT on his Lumia 640. He didn’t share much information about the performance of the device but did promise to share details once the device was running perfectly.

Now he has posted some more pictures showing internet connection working perfectly after the installation. Apart from this, he was also able to make the touch work on the Lumia 640 without any major issues. We still haven’t seen any details regarding performance or stability shared but we do hope that the device works as expected.

There have been earlier attempts to run Windows RT on Lumia devices but it is the first time someone made important functions like Touch and Internet work without any issues.

We hope to see a guide or at least an analysis of whole experience with Windows RT soon. Until then, you can head to the comments section below and let us know if you’re interested in installing Windows RT on your Lumia device.

Via: TheWinCentral