New images reveal Windows RT running on Lumia 640 with Start Screen and Desktop support

Recently we saw many users trying to install Windows ARM on their Lumia devices which included devices like Lumia 1520 to Mi phones. Now it looks like someone has found a way to install the good old Windows RT on Lumia device. The user who goes by the name “Ben” recently posted photos of his Lumia 640 running Windows RT.

The device showed by Ben in the pictures is running full Windows RT with Start Screen and Desktop support which is a new thing and hasn’t been achieved by anyone else yet. He hasn’t shared any other details about the stability or the performance of Windows RT on Lumia 640 but has assured to share notes once the installation and other processes are complete.

We highly doubt that Lumias will ever get Windows RT or ARM but thanks to the Windows developers, we might see unofficial tutorials on how to get these up and running on your Lumia device. Will you be interested in installing Windows RT or ARM on your Lumia device in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Twitter; Via: Reddit