GTA 6 NPCs could be far more advanced than before


18, 2021

A new Rockstar Games patent has revealed new systems that could help GTA 6 NPCs be far more intelligent than their last-last-gen counterparts. 

Posted on Reddit, the patent explains concepts for an overhauled UI system that will help create more believable and organic non-player characters that will roam the game world.

While GTA NPCs do offer far more intricate interactions than that of other open world games, GTA 6 NPCs could be leaps and bounds ahead of current iterations.

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The patent suggests moving away from the “deficient” script-based AI trees that govern virtual citizens to create a “realistic virtual world that is not limited by hardware or software limitations.”

Rockstar’s proposal will instead give characters certain personalities that helps decide how individual civilians will respond to in-game problems. Some characters could be slow drivers, others could be inpatient shoppers. The potential of these NPCs could be limitless.

Of course, a patent is just a concept and these advanced forms of AI might not make their way into the next GTA game, or even any Rockstar title. Only time will tell.

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