Groupy’s newest update lets you save predefined sets of apps

March 6, 2018

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Groupy debuted for Windows late last year and is now receiving its first big update woth version 1.1.

The biggest feature so far is saved, groups. Saved groups lets you save a set of Grouped tabs, so when you choose to come back it to lit layer, you can open it again at anytime. It’s very much like a bookmarking feature, and its quite useful for those who would like to save different groups for work, for play and in the middle.

Groupy also integrates with Microsoft Office now, letting users launch groups of saved apps with the files they were previously sued with.

While Microsoft plans to deliver Sets to Windows 10 natively later this year, Groupy is already here, and $9.99 isn’t too expensive to skip a few places in line.

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