No more Grammar Tools and Math Solver in Microsoft Edge, they’re gone for good

August 28, 2023
grammar tools in microsoft edge

Say goodbye to some useful Microsoft Edge features, such as Grammar Tools, Math Solver, Citations, Picture Dictionary, and Kids Mode. Microsoft has apparently decided to get rid of them, with the goal of improving the end-user experience and simplifying the More tools menu.

To improve end user experience and simplify the More tools menu, the following features are being deprecated: Math Solver, Picture Dictionary, Citations, Grammar Tools, and Kids Mode.

The deprecation of these apps is currently happening in the Beta Channel within Microsoft Edge, but most likely, it will happen on the stable version very soon. However, will Microsoft really improve the end-user experience by getting rid of these features? Let’s take, for example, the Grammar Tools feature, which is quite useful when you can’t remember certain grammar rules. Math Solver can also come in handy, and it can be quite useful when dealing with math formulas.

We can only hope Microsoft will somehow reintroduce these features in Edge in another way, but for now, it seems they’re destined to go for good.

What do you think about it? Should Microsoft reintroduce these features or not?

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