GPD releases impressive video of GPD P2 MAX’s gaming performance


22, 2019

GPD (or Game Pad Digital) has released an impressive gaming video of their upcoming P2 MAX device.

While the GPD P2 MAX is designed as a tiny, pocket-sized laptop, no GPD device gets away without being put through a gaming test. After all, gaming is at the core of GPD; look at our review of their impressive handheld PC-console GPD WIN 2.

Today, GPD released a video of the Pocket 2 MAX playing Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition at remarkably high framerates. While they didn’t specify whether or not the test video upped the TDP, overclocking the device for better performance, it’s impressive nonetheless.

Unfortunately, music was playing over the video so we couldn’t hear whether or not the P2 MAX’s fans were going mental. If you’ve played on a GPD WIN 2 before, you’ll know how loud they can get.

The GPD P2 MAX is soon to start crowdfunding on Indiegogo. You can find the new (and improved) specsheet here.

The device will cost between $705 to $529 depending on which version you decide to pick up.

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