Google’s 2nd physical store to open in Williamsburg on June 16

May 12, 2022
front of Google Store Williamsburg with black walls and glass windows and doors
Google Store Williamsburg

Google is getting more serious about making its hardware offers more accessible to its customers by establishing its second physical store. It is located at 134 N 6th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and will be ready to take customers on June 16th. Generally, the Google Store Williamsburg will offer the same experiences and products the public can already access in its first store in Chelsea, Manhattan, which opened last year. Still, something special will be coming to the new store, especially since it is one of Google’s first “neighborhood stores.”

The new Google Store Williamsburg will be designed to give customers the full experience of using the company’s products and compare them for easy decision-making. It will also feature interactive displays, allowing visitors to view the perfect combination of Google’s services and hardware products. For instance, it will let you explore the Google Fi phone plans and see which Pixel color matches your taste. 

Even more, the company seems to make the setup of the place more relatable to the user’s actual experience by including couches that will help them simulate the experience at home. Google describes the store as something “in a more intimate setting that celebrates the unique neighborhood we’re in.” What’s more, Google says that it will use the comfy area to conduct its local events and workshops. And to show its commitment to making the store neighborhood-friendly, Google says that it will host local events and activities celebrating Brooklyn, such as having guided walks around the neighborhood while allowing customers to try Google’s Pixel photography features.

On the other hand, the company makes sure to make the entirety of its space to give everyone a jaw-dropping experience. According to Google, the Google Store Williamsburg’s entrance will be adorned with an installation by Brooklyn-based artist Olalekan Jeyifous featuring a concept that “examines the relationships between architecture, community and the environment.” Underneath the installation, Google will place its Here to Help desk to provide services like Pixel phone repairs. The idea to have the desk started with Chelsea flagship store visitors voicing out their suggestions to have it in the next Google physical store. “Feedback plays a big role in improving our stores,” says Google in its blog post, “and we’ll keep listening to make sure you get the most helpful shopping experience — from Manhattan to Brooklyn.”

The Google Store Williamsburg will include different hardware products from Google to allow users to try and test them personally. “… You’ll be able to easily find a product at the Grab & Go wall or pick up a pre-order that you placed with the Google Store online,” Google says. “No matter what your reason is for stopping by, we’ll help you find what you need.”

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