Google working on its own mobile processor to power Pixel smartphones and Chromebooks



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Apple’s iOS devices are always powered by Apple’s own A-series processors. Samsung has its own Exynos processors. More recently, Microsoft started designing its own processors starting with SQ1 that powers the Surface Pro X device. Today, Axios reported that Google is now working on its own mobile processor codenamed Whitechapel that will power future Pixel smartphones and even Chromebooks.

According to the report, Google is closely working with Samsung to manufacture this chip and it will take advantage of Samsung’s 5nm processor manufacturing capability. Google only started receiving the working versions of the chip in the last few weeks. So, don’t expect these chips in Pixel devices until next year. The mobile processor codenamed Whitechapel will have 8 ARM cores and will have special hardware optimization to power Google’s machine learning technology. There will also be dedicated hardware to improve “always-on” capabilities of Google Assistant.

Source: Axios

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