Google is using AI to make Google Maps more accurate

April 8, 2022
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Google has announced that in order to overcome the challenges of keeping an ever-changing map up to date, Google Maps will now use AI and imagery so you always see the latest information. 

Throughout a new blog post, Google outlined a number of enhancements that AI is making to their Google Maps service, including how it might just make worrying about a business’ hours a thing of the past. 

Currently, the hours displayed under a business in Google Maps can be frustratingly inaccurate, as it relies on the owner of the business or ‘local guides’ to suggest and update the correct hours in a process that is surprisingly easy yet rarely ever done. 

Thankfully this annoyance may be a concern of the past, as in the blog post, Google explained how they will now be utilizing machine learning to detect if a business’ hours are likely wrong before instantly updating them with AI-generated predictions. 

According to the blog post, through the use of this machine learning and the AI-generated predictions, Google will be able to “update the hours for over 20 million businesses around the globe in the next six months.” 

Google Maps

Additionally, Google is also “experimenting” with other uses for AI and imagery within Google Maps, such as using it to give accurate and up-to-date speed limit information for roads in your town.

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