Google Maps Updates: toll prices, more detailed navigation map, and new iOS capabilities

April 6, 2022

After the update we received for Apple Maps a week ago, it is now Google Maps’ turn to offer us something new. The thrilling gist about it is probably the fact that Google is giving us a boatload of updates that extend to its functions in iOS.

Google Maps Toll Suggestion Feature on mobile
Google Maps Toll Suggestion Feature

To make the trips better and more planned for users, Google Maps is introducing a new set of features. Starting these new features are the toll prices that will be added to the optional information you can access before going on your trip. This should help you decide whether to take a regular or toll road to prevent any stressful moments when you drive. Google says that the estimated toll price will be shown to you before you navigate, and it will be based on the information provided by local tolling authorities. The calculation will also be based on other factors like the day of the week, the expected cost of the toll when you cross it, and the cost of using a toll pass or other payment methods. Google promises that the new update will also show a toll-free route when it is available and to put the “Avoid tolls” option so you can turn off the info whenever you want. This feature will be rolling out this month on Android and iOS featuring 2000 toll roads in the US, India, Japan, and Indonesia. Google promises to offer it in other countries soon.

Google Maps With Improved Details
Google Maps With Improved Details

Moreover, new details will be added to Google Maps to help drivers navigate unfamiliar roads. With this, you can expect new features like traffic lights and stop signs along your route and improved building outlines and areas of interest. For specific cities, more details will be introduced, such as the shape and width of a road, including medians and islands. These new navigation map details will be released on Android, iOS, Android Auto, and CarPlay in select countries in the next few weeks.

New Google Maps Widget on iOS mobile
New Google Maps Widget on iOS

There are also a lot of other features that will be enjoyed by iOS features soon. One of them is the new pinned trip widget that will let one access Google Maps from the home screen, particularly the trips pinned in the Go Tab. It will show you all the essential details you need for your trips, such as arrival time, next departure for transit trip, and suggested route when the user is driving. The Google Maps search widget will also be smaller for this update, making the layout of the app neater.

Google Maps Integration into Spotlight and Siri
Google Maps Integration into Spotlight and Siri

Moreover, the app will be integrated directly into Spotlight, Siri, and the Shortcuts app on iOS. This will allow the devices to respond to map-related commands like “Hey Siri, get directions” or “Hey Siri, search in Google Maps.” This feature will be rolling out in the coming months, together with a better Siri search functionality later this summer.

Google Maps in Apple Watch
Google Maps in Apple Watch

To top it all off, Google Maps will now let drivers navigate the road using their Apple Watches directly – no phones to mind on the road. You can tap on the Google Maps shortcut of your watch, and the navigation will start. Plus, you can add the “Take me home” complication to the watch, and the navigation home on Google Maps will start with just a tap.

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