Google to shutter their LinkedIn competitor


29, 2019

Author Surur // in Google, News

Writing on their support site, Google has announced that they will be shutting down their Hire by Google service starting the 1st September 2020.

Google Hire was an applicant tracking system developed by Google that helps small to medium businesses who use Google Suite to distribute jobs, identify and attract candidates, build relationships with candidates, and efficiently manage the interview process.

Like many Google products, it relied on scraping publicly available data from applicants from sources such as LinkedIn and GitHub.

In February this year, Microsoft announced its own integrated product as part of their Recruiter and Jobs update.

Google will stop charging customers for Google Hire from the next billing cycle of existing customers and are letting customers cancel their contracts without penalty.

The purge is part of a general clean-up of Google products, with Google also killing Inbox, Allo and Google Plus. Google’s partner product to Hire, Google for Jobs, which again scraped job offerings from a number of job boards, is likely also at risk, with the product currently the focus of anti-trust investigation in the EU.

via The Verge

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