LinkedIn takes on Google Hire with the new intelligent hiring experience

February 12, 2019

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LinkedIn already has three different talent tools — Jobs, Recruiter, and Pipeline Builder. LinkedIn today announced that it will be unifying these three tools onto a single platform called the new intelligent hiring experience. LinkedIn will also be releasing 15 new product features for LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs over the next few quarters. These new feature will make the life of recruiters easier and efficient.

New features coming to LinkedIn hiring experience:

  • Once you create a project, you will be able to see the results from all your active sourcing channels — search results, job applicants, media leads — under the Talent Pool tab, and you can manage candidates from there.
  • The slide-in profile view will make it easier to view candidate profiles without having to click back and forth.
  • A new call-to-action on the LinkedIn mobile app allows anyone at your company to use the Newsfeed to get the word out that you’ve got a position open.
  • Based on the applicants, leads, and search results you interact with, the intelligent hiring experience automatically builds a list of recommended candidates for you to consider reaching out to.
  • Everyone on the hiring team can see the entire conversation with the job applicant, letting them collaborate more efficiently and productively.
  • A new feature on Jobs will allow users to send rejection messages to applicants individually or in bulk with just a few clicks.

You can learn more about this new hiring experience here.

Source: LinkedIn

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