If you’re a Stadia Pro subscriber, then good news! You’ll be getting Farming Simulator 19 and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for free in December. But what about a refund if you’ve already purchased them?

Both Farming Simulator 19 and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition were among the 22 launch titles for the Google Stadia. However, Stadia users had to purchase these, as they weren’t included in their subscription.

That means some Stadia Pro subscribers have already shelled out the cash for both games, only to find that they’ll be getting them for free on December 1st.

Not all is lost, though. On the official Stadia Community boards, Community Manager GraceFromGoogle wrote the following:

We know that some users have recently purchased these two games for their collection. Because of the proximity between the launch of the platform, and the announcement of these titles in Stadia Pro, we’re happy to assist you if you’d like to request a refund if you have purchased either or both of these titles, even if it’s outside of our normal policy.

So, while Google isn’t doling out automatic refunds to Stadia Pro subscribers who previously purchased the titillating Farming Simulator 19 and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, you can still request a refund manually.

You have two ways of requesting a refund, both of which are outlined below.

Requesting a refund in the Stadia app:

  1. Tap “Profile”
  2. Tap “Purchases”
  3. Under your Transaction History, tap on the item you wish to get refunded
  4. Tap “Request Refund”

If there’s no Request Refund button present, then the item isn’t eligible for a refund. If you’re a Stadia Pro subscriber who believes they should be refunded for either game and the button is missing, pop over to Stadia Customer Support to sort out your issue.

Requesting a refund through Stadia Customer Support:

  1. Head on over to Stadia Customer Support and request a refund.

Google says it will offer refunds on all Stadia Games if the refund is requested within 14 days of the purchase and there is less than 2 hours of playtime across all accounts.

Games can also only be returned once, so if you return a game, re-buy it in the future, and decide it still isn’t for you, you’re out of luck.

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