Google Search gains a dark theme on Android

Just before Android Q reaches prime-time, Google is rolling out a dark theme to its man Google App on Android to prepare for the arrival of a system-wide dark theme in Q.

Much like other Google apps which have recently been spotted with a dark theme, users will be able to choose whether they would prefer the Google app’s dark theme to be independent of the system’s theme or not. Unlike Apple’s new iOS 13 dark theme, it isn’t a true black theme but presents itself as a dark grey colour.

This update appears to be server-side, so you can’t trigger it by yourself. You’ll have to wait until whenever Google rolls it out for you — as long as you’re running the Google Beta on Android.

As to whether a dark theme is actually good for you or not — there’s nothing supporting that just yet. While dark themes are easier on the battery if you have an OLED equipped display, there’s no research indicating less eye strain as of yet. They’re just pretty to look at, and that’s probably OK.

Via: XDA Developers