Just like everyone else, iOS 13 finally adds dark mode to iPhones and more


3, 2019

Everyone has a dark theme nowadays. Android is getting one or has had one since Pie depending on who you ask. Microsoft’s Windows Phone had one before choked and died, and now Apple is gifting one to iOS with iOS 13. To be clear, this isn’t Apple’s first foray into the dark. MacOS Mojave shipped with a dark theme too, but iOS is used by far more people, so the impact of this will be felt far more keenly.

The dark theme will be touted as saving power, and your apps will no doubt look sleeker. Stalwart apps like Messenger and Slack already ship with dark mode, Apple’s new mode will make it easier for more apps to jump aboard and usher us into the dark theme utopia.

Is it better for your eyes or not? The jury’s out on that. Microsoft did focus on getting its light theme right this year for a reason. There’s no doubt that it will look sick on whatever OLED equipped iPhones Apple is going to punt this summer, and that’s as good a reason as any.

Aside from the dark theme, iOS 13 comes with improved in-box apps like Reminders, Photos, Mail for the iPhone. It’ll hit all eligible iOS devices (iPhone 6s+) this fall, but developers can download it later today.

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